Seven superheroes from the comics of old in a comic for charity

Page 62: issue 1 - Crossover Melee

13th Apr 2013, 12:00 AM in Issue 1: Crossover Melee
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Page 62: issue 1 - Crossover Melee
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Author Notes:

shastab24 13th Apr 2013, 12:00 AM edit delete
Here is the concluding page for the issue, wrapping up the Jaguar Man story. It was hopefully a fun ride that'll leave people wanting the subsequent issues. Issue 2 may go up next month, depending when I get an artist (or artists). Sure, I may do it myself, but I'd prefer to give the job to somebody who can actually draw, especially since this comic is for charity--it's easier to draw more people into it if it's well drawn, and more people means more potential money to charity.

But now you have met every member of Wonder Team, yet have not met them as a team. Upcoming, you will see them all start to come together, and start to see them get closer to Shai'tan.

This is a part of Crossover Melee. If you want to be involved, e-mail me at
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